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Student Athletes Need a Balanced Diet

Athletes fall every day with numerous injuries due to a lack of nutrition. Are student athletes maintaining a balanced diet? Accord to Murray and Horswill (1977) we need 40 different nutrients to function properly. As an athlete it is important to maintain healthy growth, weight control, healthy immune function, optimize metabolism, and maintain the growth of all tissues.

Athletes should eat a variety of foods to prevent injuries and tissue damage due to physical activities. Food varieties eaten daily provide needed nutrients to aid in an optimal recovery from injury and to help prevent injuries. The balance diet is the key to the completely recovery of damaged tissue.

Immune function: According to Huffman-Goetz (1997), intense exercise and over-training depresses the immune system, and moderate exercise enhances the immune function. A diet rich in vital nutrients, especially anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin D3 provides support for the immune system of athletes who are following a heavy training program.


Dietary Guidelines:

Steer clear of:

These are suggestion the may help the student athlete optimize their body and provide maximum flexibility, performance, limit injury and reduce the injury recovery periods. It will also lead to good life time habbits of health

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