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Savings Tip 1 Example CarPool
If you carpools with 3 other people for a year, you can save as much as $1,800.00 per year when it takes $50.00 per week to fill the tank after a week of communting to and from work. saving money, shopping savings, frugal shooping,coupons

Senarios1: Based on 48 week out of the year using 4 carpoolers.
Each person will drive a total of 12 weeks a year filling up the tank at $50.00 each week for a total of $600.00 each. Your expense for the year is only $600.00

12 X $50.00 = $600

Senarios2: Based on 48 week out of the year using 1 driver.
If the you did not car pool at all, you'd fill up your tank 48 times during the year. This will cost you $2,400.00 per year.

48 X $50.00 = $2,400
Your saving is $1,800.00 when you subtract $2400.00 from $600.00 $2,400 - $600 = $1,800.00